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If you are traveling and need assistance, please call Tour+Med Assistance.

Following the Government’s recommendation to close all non-essential businesses and due to the actual situation with COVID-19, our services are currently limited. Treatment of claims and other requests will be delayed.

You will find relevant instructions below to submit your claim. Please follow these instructions carefully and send all of the required documents by mail.

Non-medical claim
(Trip Cancellation-Interruption)

This unprecedented situation is constantly evolving. The following information is provided for informative purposes only and could change.

Our Trip Cancellation Insurance is intended to reimburse you for penalties you incur following one of the risks outlined in our policy, which are sudden and beyond your control, in the event that you would be unable to make your planned trip, while the trip still occurs. In such case, we understand that the travel service provider (airline, cruise line, tour operator, etc.) will incur costs regardless of your cancellation and therefore does not have to compensate you.

Planned situations, as per your contract: You cancel your trip due to one of the covered risks, but the travel service provider continues to provide service, as booked. Trip Cancellation insurance will reimburse you for cancellation penalties, up to the sum insured, unless the service provider grants you a credit.

What is currently happening, though, is that airlines and other service providers are cancelling their own flights and services, but the majority of them have chosen to grant credits rather than refunds, even if they won’t incur the majority of planned expenses (fuel, wages, other fees…).

The actual situation: The service provider is cancelling the services you have paid for, refuses to reimburse you, and offers you a credit instead.

Notwithstanding the various representations we are attempting to make to the concerned authorities, this whole situation explains our position. For the moment, we consider that if the service provider granted you a credit, you have been compensated and, therefore, we cannot estimate that you have incurred insurable losses. Our position, with regard to the obligation to accept credits, is consistent with that of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA):

Travel insurers are advising policyholders that if you have been offered this type of full credit, or voucher for future use by an airline, train or other travel provider, (…), under the terms of your insurance policy you will not be considered to have suffered an insurable loss.

Read the full text here.

Finally, take note that your travel insurance policy is in excess of all other offered protections, such as any compensation fund available.

Also note that, should you receive a full refund (including your acceptance of a credit for the complete value of your travel arrangements) from your travel agency, airline, cruise line, the CFCTA or your credit card, you could be eligible for a full refund of the premium paid for your trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Before submitting your claim, read the applicable instruction sheet carefully. After, if applicable, fill out the Claim Form and follow the instructions to send us your claim to the address indicated on the form.

Residents of Quebec

For residents of the rest of Canada (other than Quebec)

We remind you that following the Government’s recommendation to close all non-essential businesses and due to the actual situation with COVID-19, our services are currently limited. Treatment of claims and other requests will be delayed.

Please refrain from contacting us for information or details on the progress of your claim since our services are currently and temporarily limited.

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Medical claim

For every claim, whether you have paid expenses or not, you must complete the Claim Form and provincial health insurance form. Please return both forms, along with the original bills and invoices (if applicable) to the address indicated on the Claim Form.

Please note that if you submit a claim under a Multi-trip annual plan or under a COLLECT group plan, you must also send proof of your date of departure, such as a plane ticket, boarding pass, credit card statement, etc.

Forms for individual customers

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Forms for COLLECT customers

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