La Survivance Voyage

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LS Travel
247, Thibeau blvd
Trois-Rivières QC Canada
G8T 6X9
Telephone: 1-877-344-8398
Fax: (819) 377-6069

Confidentiality and information security policy

Your on-line purchase is secured by LS Travel. Your personal and credit card information is transmitted through an encrypted messaging process that guarantees the confidentiality of the transmitted message. Consequently, the information cannot be intercepted, altered or deciphered by anyone.

LS Travel meets the SSL standards for secured transmissions which results in your information always being transmitted in a secured fashion. Furthermore, your payment is directly processed by Desjardins, one of the largest credit card payment processors in Canada.

LS Travel does not retain any computerized data that pertains to the credit card, which explains why you must re-enter all your credit card information for any new transaction