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Protection of personal information

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance for our Company. Whatever the changes Tour+Med may go through, we are personally committed to respect our clients' privacy.

We believe protecting personal information means :

Consent to disclose information

We will always ask for your permission before divulging personal information, except when required by law:

Disclosure for legal reasons

Any legal or regulatory authority may require that we provide information about you. In settling an account, we will have an obligation to release personal information that is pertinent to the situation.

All our employees who have access to client information have signed confidentiality agreements with our Company upon being hired, which binds them to keeping all documents or information confidential.

Destruction of useless information

According to Government regulation, some information must be retained for several years, for audit purposes.

Website information

All information available on this website is protected by the Copyright Laws of Canada.The translation, re-distribution, retransmission, modification or commercial use by a third party is strictly forbidden. Logos, photos and titles are owned by Tour+Med and use of any such trade mark is illegal. Recording, copying or modifying the content of this site is a Canadian Copyright violation.

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